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Also found on OUR MISSION page, "CoopDecor's Mission through Music and more..." is an area full of each TMPI Collection-related songs, thoughts, excerpts and more.  This is updated and/or changed as time goes on.  So you can read through frequently to either be simply reminded or see new info! 

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A portion of all CoopDecor proceeds go towards our STRIDES PROGRAM. ... Strides Towards Layering Your Life.  Volunteering and reaching out to others - of all ages - is a big part of our mission.    So please feel rewarded in knowing that all purchases help to share TMPI and expand our opportunities with our CoopDecor Strides Program.  

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Special Note: ALL of our CoopDecor home décor pieces are HANDMADE and truly one of kind. 

Each piece is created with dedication, hard work, and love from our specialized CoopDecor Team of Artists.  

We hope you SHARE Our TMPI Message with others.  Our TMPI Home Décor is not only wonderful in your own home, but for gift-giving as individual pieces or as our TMPI Box Collection Packages.  Make a difference in yours or someone's life by helping Decorate from the Inside Out. 

Our CoopDecor TMPIMessage is simple.  Life is not.

So lets empower ourselves, our family, our friends as much as possible. 

Whether decorating out of necessity and functionality or out of love for doing it,  CoopDecor has created a way for us to constantly be remindedthroughout the day to embrace TMPI. 

Leather Wraps Stone Wraps 

100% Soy Wax Candles &

Tea Light Candles


16" x 16" Square Pillows

18 x 18" Square Pillows


Moxie Magnets

Moxie Markers

Moxie Topiary Jars

Moxie Bud Vase

Classic Coffee Mugs



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