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At CoopDecor, we hope you feel inspired, encouraged and supported.  We not only have been designing and creating Home Décor for over 20 years, we are also a Professional and Personal Training & Development Consulting Business with equal amount of experience.  Therefore, it makes sense for us to provide Home Décor with a Purpose!...  A way for everyone to be able to reap some of these consulting benefits every day - anywhere.  Inexpensive and charming, our pieces of merchandise provide a constant reminder to anyone who sees them to STOP... BREATHE... and remember to  be THANKFUL, have MOXIE, and to find PEACE in their lives so that we all can ILLUMINATE as a beacon for others to follow.  These CoopDecor Creations have been developed allowing numerous multi-functional purposes to suit any space you may "live" in - home, office, car and more.  They are ideal for gift-giving or quantity purchases for professional/personal retreats, parties or other functions or reasons.  We all need to be thankful everyday of our lives...  We all need Moxie... We all need peace.  

Our Strides Professional and Personal Development Division continuously helps to meet these needs.


CoopDecor's version of a Blog.  Are we consistent?... ummm... probably not.  (But we are consistently random! Ha!)  Are we enjoyable?.... well, who really knows...  Keep up with the journey!  (This also has our Excerpts and Song Listings for fun... why not?!)


Incorporate Moxie Strides into your life or your business. 

We can come to you!  Let us know if there is a need that needs to be met.  CoopDecor's Consulting Division tailors each and every program to suit your particular situation.  Contact us to discuss!






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Where is YOUR Moxie?

Thank youfor visiting us and making us a part of your life and home.  Read our "Why?" and "Strides" page to learn more.  Also, keep looking through our website to learn all we have to offer to decorate your "coop" - both inside and out...

Over the years, we have decided to combine this love and desire to train, educate and motivate with the love of repurposing and designing home décor.  Putting the two together, decorates both your inside "coop" (yourself) and your outside "coop" (your home.)  Are we perfect?  Of course not, but we certainly continue to strive everyday to find our own peace and share it with others.


CoopDecor's concept is enabling and assisting others to overcome obstacles and take positive Strides toward goals in both the professional and personal world.  Our belief is that everyone should be "Fully Decorated from the Inside Out"... meaning truly fulfilled and happy inside as well as in our outside world.  And the sooner we start, the better.  It is never too late to take Strides in the right direction.  Attitude and determination play a big role in success.  Therefore, these Creations (CoopDecor Signature Pieces) are meant to ENCOURAGE and REMIND everyone everyday.  


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It is our goal and mission to inspire you to reach high, stand tall, be thankful and be determined to fulfill your everyday lives with happiness and peace.

We at CoopDecor have taken what we truly feel we should do and blend it with another love of design and redesign. 

It's our choice.  Each of these Strides build our lives.  They "layer" who we are today.  If we take the proper, determined Strides now, we can Layer Our Lives to be as fulfilling as it can be. 

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Strides Toward Layering Your Life is our "why".  It means what it says.  Everything we do everyday are steps or "strides" we take to build our lives.  Either in the right direction or wrong... or indifferent.

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